Environmental and sustainability programs

Water saving program

Control the irrational consumption of water, seek the optimum use of the resource and mitigate the impact caused by the realization of the own activities, generating ecological awareness and commitment of best practices

Energy Saving Program

Control the irrational energy consumption, seeking optimal use of the resource and mitigate the impact caused by carrying out the company's own activities, generating ecological awareness and commitment to best practices.

Chemicals minimization program

The main objective of this program is to minimize the use of chemicals.

Integrated waste management program

To control the generation and inadequate disposal of waste, in order to mitigate the negative impacts caused to the environment, through strategies that create ecological awareness and commitment to the development of best practices in the human talent of the company

Social Development Programs

To be promoters of social development as an opportunity for development and improvement of the quality of life of each individual and of society as a whole.

Wildlife and flora protection program

To implement strategies for the care of the fauna and flora by means of the care of the same ones so we will help to the country and the world to realize that the nature day by day we are finishing it

Prevention program on sexual exploitation

Awaken the action-oriented awareness of all staff regarding the prevention of sex trade with minors.

Cultural Heritage Strengthening Program

Identify the cultural heritage sites that the region has in order to disseminate them for a cultural and economic contribution at local level.

Atmospheric, auditory and visual pollution control program

Promote control and reduction of atmospheric, auditory and visual pollution

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